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My Red Tent is devoted to matching the skills of generous mental health professionals with women suffering from depression and anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum who have low resources for treatment.  Our goal is to reduce the financial barriers preventing women from seeking and receiving necessary support and hope during the transition into the important role of motherhood.

we believe that if a community values its children, it must cherish their mothers and fathers.

Perinatal depression (depression that occurs during pregnancy or the first year postpartum) is the most common complication of reproduction for women.  Because a few of the symptoms of depression overlap with those common characteristics of pregnancy and the postpartum (such as disrupted sleep and changes in appetite), often this condition is missed by health providers.  And when it is suspected, some women are reluctant to pursue a referral to a mental health professional because of stigma or low resources.  We aim to address both of these barriers to protecting the mental health of our mothers by advocating for their needs and assisting them to begin the process of treatment and recovery.

Losing a pregnancy or newborn is one, if not the, most painful experiences a woman may have.  Often loved ones and friends just do not know how to relate or comfort a woman when this happens.  My Red Tent lists web-based resources for information and most My Red Tent clinicians have received training on supporting women and their partners in such a time.

a place for women during pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and the first postpartum year